mp3: “Cry” & “Get You Off My Mind” - Christi


Words: Lindsey Sprague

I love the scene in Thelma and Louise when they first drive out of town, with a wild weekend ahead of them and nothing but dead-end jobs and bad boyfriends left behind. If I could go back to 1991 and change the soundtrack to that movie, I would have the debut single from Richmond, Virginia’s Christi playing on the radio in their 66 Thunderbird convertible. The two songs are the perfect punk kiss-off—an ideal breakup soundtrack when you might still be trying to convince yourself that you’re totally fine, and maybe even better off on your own

On the first song, “Cry,” Christi promises to turn the tables on a cheating guy. In a scratchy punk snarl, they sing, “now it’s my turn to be the boss,” and if I were that dude, I’d be running for the hills because that’s clearly not good news for him. With its satisfying bass tone, 70s power pop guitars, “Be My Baby” drums, and dreamy girl group backup vocals, “Cry” sounds kind of like The Ronettes and The Nerves teaming up to cover pre-disco Blondie.

The B side, “Get You Off My Mind,” is excellent for a dance party in your room. If you’re feeling inspired, I recommend throwing in some air guitar on the solo. The catchiness of the song belies the more vulnerable lyrics, about getting broken up with when you still really like someone. Even though breakups always suck, you can tell the dude in “Get You Off My Mind” may not have been that great to begin with. When she says she’s “Been spending all my time just trying to keep you by my side,” it sounds like she might be looking forward to freeing up some of that time for other pastimes, like doing guitar solos and breaking hearts.

Christi’s debut single “Cry b/w Get You Off My Mind” comes out on March 6th and you can snag the 7” via Feel It Records, or buy the digital version now on Christi’s bandcamp.

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