album of the week: dirty knees - tony peachka


Tony Peachka is the group of best friends you can be the truest version of yourself with. On dirty knees, the Minneapolis four-piece share their hearts with bite-sized morsels of garage pop that divulge secrets of only liking someone for their fashion-sense ("sour grapes") and falling for the prince, even when you know he's a toad ("idle hands"). Whether the slowed down, blown out ballad of "fall asleep to 2" or the snapping sass and energy of "adderall", dirty knees revels in unshakable fun. 

t's what the party represents that's so compelling, though. Throughout the recording the band encourages listeners to embrace who they are, even the parts of you that are still maturing. As they sing on closer, "dirt," "im gonna think something so important/i'm gonna be somebody so important" dirty knees is about brushing off the dirt, picking ourselves back up and having the time of our lives, even on the worst days.

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