EP: Brunch Club - Brunch Club

words: Kat Harding

The trio Brunch Club, which features Ellen Reade on vocals and bass, Patrick Earles on guitar and Clay Marshall Francis on drums, have a new EP out on Hidden Bay Records, with six too-quick innocent songs about growing pains and love. Described on Facebook as “a dog with its head out of a car window...a first date bike ride at dusk, a midnight swim in a dirty lake,” Brunch Club captures a youthful and safe feeling, that's hard to find in a world with the internet and constant bad news. With Reade’s voice firmly grounding the fuzzy pop tunes, side A tears through songs with a titular nod to childhood: “Bedbugs,” “Pasghetti,” and “Target Practice,” although subject matter has us moving away from adolescent innocence and into teenage angst. The fast beat of “Pasghetti,” with Reade’s soft woo-ing paired with surf-influenced guitar is the perfect soundtrack to the warming weather, a nod to summer vacation.

Side B throws us into adult worries. “Where’d You Go,” “Not Dead Yet,” and “Sure, Fine,” could all be the bleak text messages we’re sending each other now that we’re aware of the impact of the seemingly-global meltdown. Nothing feels as bad as it could, as we’ve got Reade’s voice blanketing us over layers of drums and raucous guitars. “Where’d You Go” isn’t so much a desperate plea, but a gentle wondering -- she seems fine not really knowing the answer. “Not Dead Yet” is the lo-fi pop anthem needed at a time like this. Pick it up from the Hidden Bay bandcamp!

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