EP: Come Over - Slumbers


What if we were honest and didn't hide behind statuses of accomplishments and Internet presences that made it seem like we had it all together? What if we embraced our anxieties, flaws, the moments of fear where comfort is only found in a warm bed and cartoon binging? Maybe in the quest to be the truest version of ourselves, our answers would be as beautiful as Slumbers.

On their EP Come Over, the trio uses sincerity and honesty, wearing their hearts on dainty woven sleeves of acoustic and playful pop. There's a strength in admitting the fears and woes that drag you under - and Slumbers' strength comes in subtlety. Throughout the EP their vocals barely rise above a whisper but each moment lands with a blow to your heart. Whether constructing the gloom of social anxiety with syrupy speed and quiet strings ("Stay Hidden"), avoiding the world in a playful paradise of Adventure Time ("Doboom Soom") or figuring out life amidst a backing of twinkling instrumentals ("Milkshakes"), Come Over feels like a endless secret being whispered directly into your ear. 

As the band sings on the billowing "Battle," we may never have the answers or feel complete satisfaction, but we're all just trying to "stay happy/whatever happy is." For the briefest of moments, Come Over provides that happiness, a temporary reassurance that you're not alone.

mp3: "Dimension" - Dinosoul

mp3: "Cartoon Food" - Lovely Bad Things