GIRLTEETH are one of those Bandcamp discoveries that should be shouted about from the rooftop. The four members describes themselves as "a dream punk band of edgy teenz." No matter their ages they sing with the kind of authoritative musings on love and life that could easily come from one with years of heartbreak.

"Liar" is a biting jab at a lover who isn't even worth crying about, and mellows out the menacing with playful instrumental effects. And in the spirit of election season, "this man (ate my son)" confirms any suspicions about Ted Cruz with a genius anthemic speak-sing about the politician. It's in the slow pacing and serene blossoming of opener "feel better" that GIRLTEETH really shine. So often, bands try to make their punk sound as destructive as possible, but "feel better" proves that it can also be pretty damn gorgeous. 

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