EP: Got A Sweet Tooth - Pale Lips

As the heat of summer approaches, Pale Lips return with a dose of garage rock as sweet, cool and irresistible as a sprinkle covered cone. 

Those who’ve followed TGE might recall our previous introduction to the band in the form of their demos, and this return marks an official physical release due out on No Front Teeth Records. It begins with a declaration all those with a sugar-fix can get behind, “give me pixie sticks and nobody gets hurt!” A rattled off list of candy demands and odes on their favorite sugary treats follow, the seemingly sinister beginnings turning to playful innocence. That carefree attitude is ditched in fellow single, “Sweet Dreams,” where dreams of destroying a total jerk are more akin to sucking on a Jawbreaker by the swings, eyeing up a bully that crushed your spirit. Not to fear though, the candy-coated fun returns on “Soda Kat,” with a ballad about a boo whose penchant for all things soda is totally endearing. 

Pale Lips know how to have fun and in this EP we’re all welcomed to their old fashioned Candy Shop, where the hits just keep flowing, as endless and bubbly as a soda fountain.

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