EP: House Down - Brenda's Friend


We have this quilt that's been in my family forever. It's compromised of fabric, colors and scraps that are all different but when stitched together became one piece of something utterly beautiful and treasured. The sounds of Brenda's Friend House Down EP are much like that quilt, a tapestry of scraps and sound identities, all different, but together powerful. Whether it's the sinister, blown out fuzz of "Who Who," the playful experimentations of "Horoscope" or the subdued and unassuming "Pas De Deux," the identity of Brenda's Friend is ever-changing, fluid and strong. Their sounds, struggles and musings come together for an EP of resilience and rising up - "I don't wanna live in the belly of defeat/I don't wanna dangle on your string."

Toon Tunes: An all emo tribute to Milhouse Van Houten

mp3: "The Mirror" - Field Mouse