EP: It's Always Something - THICK

On their first EP, THICK hollered out their lungs, rising above a wall of noise to encourage us towards something greater. On It's Always Something, the band dials back on the gnarly noise and instead focuses on the heart. The turbulence is still there, but it's catchy, danceable. Take track, "Puke's Diner," - a day spent with one they're dying to impress turns raucous with regret as they look back on a night of heavy drinking - "I think I fucked up," they scream in unison as the fuzz of guitars and thwacks of percussion grow louder. This punk rock with heart is further demonstrated on "Wasting My Time" - a track that takes the feelings of being left behind by the one you love and morphs them into sweet sentimental melodies turned gunning breakdowns with anguished shouts. While closer, "Are You With Me?" wraps the release quickly and neatly, a final farewell to their party. As the previously released "Anymore" shows, THICK knows the pitfalls that come with growing older and on this EP they put those woes to songs, in four unforgettable tracks.

The Grey Estates Podcast: Maya Miller (The Pack a.d.)

Mix: TGE 2016