EP: It's Whatever - Camp Girls

In these current days, we need an angry emotion-fueled soundtrack that says everything we're holding in our hearts but may never get the chance to scream out. Enter Camp Girls - a Toronto trio who make music for everything you've ever thought, dreamed of or felt when everyone and everything is just pissing you off or falling apart.

It's gritty and determined punk, equivalent to he gossip you share among friends about that loser you just can't seem to quit ("Elusive") or the crush you're hoping will come your way, so you can sync up periods and eat chips for a week ("Sync Up With You"). It's a fuzzy, reckless party that's far too short, but just long enough to have you cheering and dancing along to their every note. Here's the thing - we can all fail to determine our worth at times. We can let life overwhelm us, let shitty people dictate our emotions and just get lost in the absolute shit of day to day. Camp Girls are here to remind us to stand up, be fearless, and demand your worth. It's a message that begins on the very first track. On "Angry Song," they bite back at a friend they no longer need, growling about a relationship that's no longer on "your terms," proclaiming once and for all - "I don't need your shit." So get ready to have fun getting angry and press play below.

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