EP: Just Wanna Be - ahem


Ahead of our previous ahem premiere, I ran through the album multiple times to get a feel, but the truth is, I fell in love at first listen. Just Wanna Be is the band's debut EP, a fiery 5-track affair that's a serious stomp of garage rock. Recorded in a Minneapolis bunker, the three piece makes thunderous and catchy, declarative statements. Beneath the absolute pummeling of noise is a pure heartbeat of secrets and dreams. That honesty was apparent when we shared single "Bottle Rocket," and it beams through on each of the follow up tracks. From the fuzzy and romantic promises to a "Baby Bear," to the punk and reverb-laden spats bragging on an "Umbrella," Just Wanna Be is an endless celebration of youth and individuality. Ahem welcomes us briefly into their bunker, allowing us to avoid whatever awaits us in the outside world with a touch of the play button.

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