EP: La Louve - La Louve


On the cover of La Louve's demo we see a solitary person walking under a moonlit sky, and that image is extremely telling of the listening experience. The four tracks go full throttle, never relenting in their punishing noise, guitar and drums coming together in a whirlwind that picks up stamina and speed, bolstered by vocal cries. It's the kind of music you'd blast through headphones during a late night walk, letting the sounds wash over you and enliven your inner spirit of independence. Beginning with the foreboding "Intro/Not For You," the band sets the tone of their mission with a simple spat - "not for you to fuck." The EP is about declaring what you want, knowing your worth and not putting up with any of the bullshit. As they declare on "St. Theresa," "tear it up, tear it down." Deconstruct whatever notions you have about the way you should be treated and find the voice that screams inside to be heard. It's only 4 tracks but they pack one wallop of a bruising punch. 

mp3 premiere: "27, 28, 29" - Movie the Band

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