EP: Leap Day - Terry vs. Tori

EP: Leap Day - Terry vs. Tori

words: Sean Deveney

There are certain bands that when I first hear them, I can immediately say “Oh definitely.” Somehow, something just clicks right away, and I want to hear everything else they have. Such was the case upon hearing Leap Day from Terry vs. Tori.

Terry vs. Tori has a timeless simple yet heartfelt sound that I will always appreciate. It might be the catchy bass lines that drive the songs along or just the general low-key vibes I get from this band. Leap Day is their most recent release and contains five songs that are all substantive and chill at the same time.

The riff that starts out “High Tide” really sets the mood for this EP with its calm and slightly sad progression as the bass and drums delicately push it forward. Erica Pender’s vocals find the perfect balance between emotional and restrained. This band speaks through simple riffs and rhythms that contain a great deal of meaning, so it is appropriate that the vocals are also delivered in a somewhat withdrawn but still emotional manner.

The desperation contained in the song “Leap Day” is palpable. The brilliant part of it though is that the song is so laid back while conveying this desperation. Pender sings “Another extra day to make it right. Today I’ll give it my best this time.” The bass establishes the mood in this song as it meanders through the guitar riffs that shimmer and the drums that steadily advance.

As “Holiday Inn” closes out the EP, it becomes clear that this is a great band to listen to alone on a hot day. Its laid back and reflective feelings are perfect if you suddenly find yourself having “another extra day” on your hands.

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