EP: Make It All Right - Nanami Ozone

Nearly a year later, and one of our favorite discoveries, Nanami Ozone make their return with Make It All Right. The 4-track release is a more retrained, easygoing effort than their last. While Desire was fueled by the passion of lust and wanting, Make It All Right are the breezy, fuzzy odes that comes after, a soundtrack for spending afternoons on the porch in your favorite rocking chair. It burns and bristles like the desert of their Phoenix hometown, songs rising with a sticky sweetness and heat. 

The release opens with "All Of It" - a swaying track filled with twang and heart. Guitar and drums are given an expanse of room, a shared melody taking pause to allow the instrumentals to swell. Its unhurried nature encourages you to "hang around," allowing you to settle in, close your eyes and move along. "Careless Wow" has Sophie Opich taking center stage as vocalist, announcing early on that "I only wanna have fun." It's the briefest track on the record and the idea of enjoyment and letting loose are etched in noisy, messy guitar and drums. True to its destructive name, "Damage" is sinister and swirling, wavering vocals, ringing guitars and a slow beginning that transforms into a fiery, vicious ending. The record closes with "I Will," a memorable sendoff that shines with just a dash of twang and a mountain of promises to someone they admire. Like its previous release, Nanami Ozone leaves a lasting mark with dusty garage rock that'll cure whatever ails you. 



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