EP: Purple Period - Ghost Thoughts

Ghost Thoughts is painstakingly honest on their Purple Period EP. The airy collection of tracks flow softly and effortlessly, as if the band has invited us to sit with them on a blanket in the sunshine, sharing secrets as the sun begins to set and the stillness of night settles in. 

The band is the new project of Davina Shell of Thee Ahs, who wrote all of the songs and is joined by a different vocalist on each track. Despite the differing vocalists, the EP runs seamlessly together, each song falling perfectly into the next. While Purple Period's pop is certainly glistening and subtle, the confessions from Ghost Thoughts are anything but. Rather, the band opens to us completely, sharing moments of insecurity, sadness, loneliness and self-discovery. Cozy up and lend your ear to their secrets.

mp3: "10 Fingers" - ABADABAD

video: "Lady MacBeth & Miss Havisham” - Hiccup