EP: Rock Product - Mommy Long Legs


Mommy Long Legs is daring and bold, a group so unafraid to be themselves, and create some of the most entertaining and gnarly garage rock you'll ever hear. We've long known their signature fuzz and bratty-punk was fun (I mean hell, they sang of puking on sorority girls), and new EP Rock Product continues that trend.

From taunting teases of "last ones there a penis pump" on opener "Diva Night" to a desire to "be left alone on a permanentvacation" at "Bitch Island" to the hilarious callout of a "Dick Move," this EP is one gunning thrill ride. Their melodious shout-outs will have you singing along, dancing along, and embracing every quirky, fun thing that makes you well, you! Mommy Long Legs make fun, energized punk that's exactly what we need when the days seem grim and you can't find an ounce of good. Rock Product is a reminder to don your crown, wear your brightest colors and find a "Bitch Island" escape you can be ruler of. 

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