EP: Sensible Daydreams - The Whooperups


The dream trio of The Whooperups, which features members of the Spook School, Wolf Girl and Charla Fantasma, is exactly what's needed to brighten the grayest of days. On their debut EP, Sensible Daydreams, they bring fuzzy, messy pop to life, enlivening tales of romance and surviving the messy throes of adulthood. From waiting for the one you love  ("Wormholes") to reflections on past adolescent memories ("Latent Teenage Fantasy") The Whooperups deliver on a promise of "ugly pop." It's the kind of gritty, insanely memorable tunes that get caught in your head, and heart, saying all the things we're all often prone to feeling with a fearless confidence and razorsharp songwriting. Soundtrack your own daydreams and adult wanderings with the EP below. 

interview: Alex Napping

The Grey Estates Podcast: Stef Chura