EP: Slow Approach - Julian

Slow Approach is the two-song EP from Julian and in its short running time it presents two very different facets of relationships, and each is a dazzling, stoic glimpse. 

On "Leaving For Now," vocalist Julia Leby seeks an escape, a place away from someone - "can't get you off my mind/I'm glad you're leaving me behind." In the song's methodical stillness, the unhurried guitar and drums from bandmates Andi Garnher and Cherrie Yu, they press ever closer towards that peace. The A-side to this two track release from Apollonian Sound acting as a dreamy hand, leading us deeper into solitude and the blissful release of it all -"dreamt of being alone again."

It's counterpart, "Hair," is shorter but still equally impactful, though this time its hoped that the person on the other side of this relationship displays even an inkling of care - "Do you think of me on your own....I bet you don't." 

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