EP stream premiere: Honey Swell - Honey Swell

EP stream premiere: Honey Swell - Honey Swell

There's an apparent warmth and intimacy to this self-titled EP from Honey Swell. Despite connecting and creating the album via the Internet, there's a closeness to be found here, a charming appeal for one to truly listen in and absorb every secret that the band wishes to reveal. Throughout the EP's all too brief run time, the pair of Rachel Wild and Olivia Heath make it feel as if you're there, practically right there watching them as they collaborate and create.

Whether sharing confessions of doubt and unease set against a backdrop of reserved guitar ("Fever Tree") or letting their vocals echo out into a vast expanse of curious sounds, including a noise reminiscent of a bird's song, emotion and mystery is etched in every second. The release is one of beautiful melancholy and meaningful lyrics; an adventure that if you're willing to undertake will reward you with a dazzling display of emotion and heart.

Honey Swell is out tomorrow on Tower to the Sea Records.

As Olivia Heath of Honey Swell told TGE about the band and release: "honey swell started as an online collaboration in the time that followed Rachel and I meeting online. (We met through various fan blogs centered around our favorite band.) In the three years' time we’ve been friends, we’ve been collaborating with each other on songs. With her living in Philly and me in Iowa, we send each other our projects and files over the internet. The songs that I’ve written over the years, with the help of Rachel, are what make up honey swell.  

Last April, I finally got the chance to fly to Philly and meet Rachel and Lexi (Grayling). It was that weekend that honey swell played our first shows, the first being at Color Space Labs in Philly and the second at Trans Pecos in Brooklyn. With Lexi’s help, we were also able to team up with the kind people of Tower To The Sea Records, who are helping us release honey swell’s first EP."

photo: Ashley Gellman