EP: Where's Darren - Chloe Danger and the Chaperones


words: Simon Osler

Chloe Danger and the Chaperones' 5-track EP mixes riot grrrl with surf pop, inspired by the coast of their Santa Barbara home, and it makes for a soundtrack that's irresistible to bop to. Opening track, "Suzie Homemaker," sets the tone for the rest of the EP with its spunky, touch of angst. Danger's lyrics showcase an attitude of carelessness and independence, particularly on track "im rubber ur glu," as she declares "Anything you say will bounce right off me, but it will always stick to you." With the EP's continued quick, snappy lyrics and direct, in-your-face instrumentals, It's impossible not to get sucked into Danger's world for its 17 minute runtime. 

mp3: "Elementary School Dropout" - Yucky Duster

mp3: "Trails" - Cayetana & "Keep Growing" - Camp Cope