Guest Mix: Aish

Today Aish released their new album Mother, a deeply personal record that examines the continual quest to truly know one's self. In celebration of the record's release, Aish put together a Guest Mix of some of the artist that inspired this work, as well as shared a few words about the theme of the record and the meaning behind the music. You can dive in below.

My album, "Mother," is about mother. It’s about my attachment to her, how she shaped perception of my feelings as elemental as joy and sorrow, my relationship to femininity, our separation, and finding answers to questions she left. It’s about understanding motherhood through birthing my own music. “Chaos” is an empathic dialogue between the unborn child and mother. “Blackbird” is a conversation between mother and I, on how we dealt with sadness. “Engagement” is not the
Oedipus song. “Migrant” is why one separates, “Orcas” is what one does in solitude of separation. “Promise Me” is the sorted me, rewriting how mother would handle separation. “Oceanman” is an impressionist narrative of father, as told by mother. “Joy and Sorrow” is what mother meant to me. "Mother" is about parts of relationship with mother, that are universally understood but rarely discussed. I wrote “Mother” with voice, electronics, chamber instruments like strings and harp, found sounds almost as painting a large, cinematic musical landscape.