Guest Mix: Breaking Up with Blizzard Babies


 think we can all agree there’s nothing that beats a good break-up mix, and we’re so excited because the gals of Blizzard Babies have curated a selection of tunes perfect for getting over the broken heart blues. The band admits to being totally obsessed with breakup songs, which also inspired the video for their track “The Bus.” Listen to their mix here, and below find a little insight into their chosen tracks AND tour dates because these babies are hitting the road.


“Our Song” - Radiator Hospital

“Damaged II” - Black Flag : Taylor [vocals and guitar]: This probably isn’t really a break up song, but during the last break up I went through, which was really angry and really frustrating, this song played constantly in my head. Lines like “WHEN I TALK TO YOU MY MIND FALLS APART!” and “STUPID FEELINGS!” really nailed it. Also when I went to double check the lyrics online someone had included a whole of bunch of “AAAAARGH"s and what better way to describe how a shattered relationship really, truly makes you feel?)

“Left of the Dial” - The Replacements (Meghann [bass] : I got dumped like a month after my 21st birthday and was very depressed about it. I had also started listening to the Replacements. You know how when you’re young and super upset you try to relate every single song to what you are currently feeling? I felt strongly that this song was about me. It was my life! I was totally "growing old in a bar”! I WAS TWENTY ONE!)

“Heavens to Betsy” - Me and Her

“All Too Human” - Wax Idols

“Skid Marks on My Heart” - The Go-Go’s

“Brand New Life” - Young Marble Giants

“Wuthering Heights” - Kate Bush :  (Taylor: This song reminds me of how if you are a woman in history or in some classic novel, getting dumped is seriously the end of the world. You either become some old maid that people gossip about or the heartbreak drives you insane and then you die. Or if you’re Ann Boleyn your ex has someone cut your head off with a sword.)

“Sailin On” - Bad Brains

“Forgiven/Forgotten” - Angel Olsen : (Taylor: “Will you ever forgive me/a thousand times through/for loving you” is such a good line. Heartbreak can be such a shameful, embarrassing experience and that doesn’t even make sense.)

“Ashtray Monument” - Jawbreaker

“Ping Pong Affair” - The Slits

“Dumpweed” - Blink 182 : (Pam [vocals and tenor guitar]: My first boyfriend was named Jeremy, he lived the next block over. After school we would skateboard or play Tony Hawk Pro Skater for hours. He was a huge Green Day fan and I was too. When “Enema of the State” came out I told him I liked Blink 182 and he told me he thought it wasn’t as good as “Dude Ranch”. Eventually we grew apart and he called me to break up with me. He told me, “If you want to know how I feel listen to the first track on Enema of the State.” To this day that is the meanest way I’ve ever been broken up with.)

“Girl” - Destiny’s Child : (Liz [drums]: In times of heartache its important to remember your friends.)

Tour Dates:

7/25 Detroit-BFF Fest (at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit) w/ R.Ring, Sneaks, lots more

7/26 Columbus-Cafe Bourbon Street w/ Didi, Pink Bathroom

7/27 Cincinnati-the Comet

7/28 Asheville-Tiger Mountain w/ Weeed, Sharkmuffin

7/29 Winston Salem-the Garage w/ Daddy Issues, Sharkmuffin

7/30 Washington DC-In It Together Fest

7/31 Brooklyn-Silent Barn w/ Arm Candy, Honey Radar

8/1 Philadelphia-Kat Frat w/ Anomie, Littler, Fraktur

8/2 Pittsburgh- The People’s Warehouse* corrected!

mp3: “Parking Lots” - Plums

Album of the Week: Can We Still Hang - Daddy Issues