Guest Mix: Criminal Hygiene


Ph: Ted Gerike

The dudes of Criminal Hygiene just released a brand new 7" EP, which features singles “Turpentine” and “Uncontrollable Urge.” Before you take a listen to the release, we’ve got a band compiled guest mix for you to check out, and it’s probably the best one we’ve had in awhile. 

Head here for the mix and check out their selections after the jump.


Michael Fiore’s picks:

“Thunderbird” - ZZ Top : There’s nothing to say about this song other than it makes me want to grab a beer, turn the volume up, and piss off a place like El Prado bar.

“Lets Go” - The Cars : Radio rock at its finest. If you’re not in the mood for Devo’s obscurity, the Cars do just fine.

“Dancing in the Dark” - Bruce Springsteen : He should have had Jennifer Aniston in the video instead. But C Cox is ok too i guess.

“Wrong” - Archers of Loaf : These guys may have played an integral role in the beginning of “emo” music, but not many did it better before or after them. They are not “Pavement for dummies” despite what anyone might think.

“Square of Negative One” - Spit : I’m happy to say these guys are some of my closest friends, and they are extremely talented songwriters.

Sean “Bird” Erickson’s picks:

“I Learned from Getting Shot” - Virginia Reed : This is one of my favorite bands in LA. They’re about to release their second full length and it’s gonna blow your mind. Listening to this song you’ll probably get the feeling that these guys are pretty weird and dark and you’d be right, their absolutely insane, literally for some of them.

“I Don’t Wanna Work for Scum Anymore” - The Murder City Devils: Over the last 19 years Murder City Devils have put out six album and every single one of them rips. This is the first song off their new album and you’d think they might soften up over time but this is one of the most brutal songs they’ve ever put out. Every time I hear Spencer Moody scream, “Fuck you pigs, can’t catch what you can’t see,” I get siked as fuck imagining Christopher Dorner roaming the forests of Big Bear.

“Margaritaville” - Jimmy Buffett : Jimmy Buffett’s the greatest singer/song writer of our or any generation and we love him. The last two were getting a little dark so here’s my favorite song in the world, Margaritaville. One of Chilli and Fiore’s favorite pastimes is giving me enough Ancient Age to play this waaay out of key. Play your cards wrong and you might see it too.

“Northern Shapes” - Wheelies : These are some of my good friends from my hometown of Tacoma Washington. They’re great dudes and a great band and this video always makes me homesick. Yes, it is always that rainy and shitty looking there.

“My Uncle Used to Love Me but She Died” - Roger Miller : Roger Miller is a lunatic, I like that. Since every song he ever wrote is incredible it was hard to pick just one for this. Do yourself a favor and listen to every Roger Miller song you can find.

Michael “Chili” Hiller’s picks:

“Now You See Everything” - Stephen Steinbrink : This guy can write a song. And he’s extremely underrated in my opinion. Tours constantly and is always putting out great records. This song is kind of emblematic of all his work. He’s a fuckin g.

“America” - Simon and Garfunkle but mostly simon : Best song ever written.

“Spanway Hits” - Flake Music : Second best song ever written. It’s The Shins pre Shins and I fucking love The Shins. This a great pop song with reflecting lyrics that can make any bear of a man feel nostalgic and emotional. Like Bird.

“Blues are Still Blue” - Belle and Sebastian : It’s the new Belle and Sebastian.

“Miami” - Will Smith: The single of many singles on what is an iconic album. Remember kids….dont light it, its for the looks, just bite it. ha haaa.

mp3: “Here’s to the Gals” - Gal Pals

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