guest mix: Den-Mate

guest mix: Den-Mate

In celebration of the release of her excellent new album Loceke, Den-Mate curated this Guest Mix of songs that have inspired this record and her work. Stream the record below, along with the Guest Mix + words and photos from Den-Mate aka Jules Hale.


"Hi" - Warpaint: I've been inspired by Warpaint the entire way through writing, composing, and recording Loceke. I remember talking with Stella (Drummer of Warpaint) after a show and talking about drum beats and different styles with her, I've become a better drummer just by studying her work. 

"Love" - Mica Levi : Before I wrote Loceke, I heard this song, it was a track from Mica Levis score for the movie Under The Skin. My love for her composition work is undying. When I heard this song, Loceke became almost a call and response to this song. I wanted to respond in how I feel love sounds. I wanted to make something that moved me as much as these five minutes of beauty. 

"I Found The F"- Broadcast : When I started making the trip to bring my songs out to DC and playing music with new friends, this song always reminds me of new community. “ You came to me carelessly, I am iris and the lens, The bridge adjusting to the water” I felt this song was exactly how I was feeling to an exciting change in my life. 

"Guilty" - Dirty Dishes : I became fascinated with what different scenes were out there in DC and beyond, like NY and Chicago. one band that always stood out to me was Dirty Dishes from the beginning on Explosion in Sound. The mastermind behind the band, Jenny was almost a mentor through her guitar and experimentation. Shes a bad ass and I think this track shows qualities in a song that i think can really be a positive effect on a listener. Patience, courage, and creating a journey. 

"Wild"-Cate Le Bon : Cate Le Bon is such a great songwriter, I remember the power of the bass seeing her live and dancing to this song on the dance floor and being amazed. This song is as classic as The Doors Hello, I Love You. 

"Houdini Crush" -Buke & Gase : The journey this song takes me on makes me feel like I’m taking off, and flying to another country, never to return. Their style and technical ability and sparse use of drums is so pleasing.

"Prozac and Merlot"- The Sea Life : What a strange and wonderful story about the sea life. Who knew that one day you could be a member of one of your favorite bands?? Now that i look back on it, thats so fucking sick. I remember the first time hearing The Sea Life was this song. I was immediately hooked. I saw them live, they became my friends, we toured together multiple times and after many years of knowing them and listening to their music I joined The Sea Life and to this day this song is a total release to play live. 

"Something More" - Makthaverskan  : I was very into this band when writing Loceke. I always used to listen to Makthaverskan in the car by myself screaming my head off to this song. 

"I'm so Tired" - Fugazi : If I didn’t add Fugazi in this list well, id be a damn traitor. This is one of those sad songs that comfort you like a warm blanket. This song reminds me of old friends. 

"Lammicken" - BRAIDS : This is one of my favorites, I really love the album Native Speaker its just a good album all the way through. this song is my favorite. Its sparseness and repetitive lyrics have me ALL OVER IT. . I just stepped away from writing this to dance to this song.

"Hypnotize"- lovetechnique : This is a band on Babe City Records that I LOVE. They are my favorite release this year and I can’t tell you how many times I jammed to this song and I hope you do to.

"Strange Hellos" -Torres : I really liked this song when it came out and i think Torres has a strong voice and writing style. 4AD Seemed to fuck her over and I think its a real tragedy. This song is so full of emotion and I think its hard to find someone who is courageous anymore who will be both strong and vulnerable in their song writing. Its easier for people to talk about dumb things in their songs so everyone is happy and comfortable but torres inspired me to not give a fuck and to show yourself in your music. If you don’t believe in yourself than know one will. 

"Hotel" -Broken Social Scene : This is the sexiest song ever. Its on my sexy playlist and I only hope one day to make a song this sexy and that it makes it onto your sexy playlists 

"5ft7" - tonstaartsbandht : This song slaps! It reminds me of early den mate when I was strictly only using minimal instruments and just having FUN I love this song 

"'Im Not Dancing" - Tirzah  - no better combo than pb&j? BULLSHIT The best combo ever is Tirzah and Micachu. This song to this day makes me get up and dance

"Running From the Cops"- Phantogram : This song literally is a scene from a movie. I feel like I just got away with robbing a bank and I’m about to go jump on a hotel bed with wads of 100 dollar bills falling from the sky. come at me coppers.

"Blind"- Jennylee : I love this song so much. Id walk around Alexandria with this song on repeat. This is definitely a fall and winter record, and it was my therapy record while recording.

"Doorstep" - Tuneyards : Since I was a teenager Ive been a big fan of this record. I learned a lot about looping from WHOKILL and this song is so beautiful with a serious message on police brutality and I think this is a strong message.

"Say That"- Toro Y Moi - I still have a crush on you, Chaz. 

"Calories"- Snakeskin : This is a band from NY that Ive been following since my Tumblr Days. This song is powerful and I love it. This band has been one of biggest inspirations for making music. Snakes is a great songwriter that Ive had the privilege of getting to know. 

"Pastel" -Sur Back  Another artist from NY I have had the privilege of getting to know, and travel on the road with is Sur Back. her music is so polished and composed of beautiful serenades. Every time I listen to Sur Back its so easy to want to sing along. Her sound is so fresh from everything that is out there. Be on the look out of all the big things she’s doing. 

"Murdered out"- Kim Gordon  : This song is bad ass and makes me feel strong (like everything kim gordon does, duh) and it makes me want to punch the next guy who tells me to smile right in the face. Thanks mama Gordon xoxo

"Unison"- Bjork : This is one of the sweetest bjork songs. Bjork is kind of a musical mother figure to me in the sense that I learn life lessons through her music. When i was in the finishing stages of Loceke I was in a very low state and this song felt like she was embracing me and comforting me through what felt to be a very dark time.

Toon Tunes: Bojack Horseman

Toon Tunes: Bojack Horseman

shuffle: The Emperor

shuffle: The Emperor