Guest Mix: End of Summer

Guest Mix: End of Summer

words: Nina Braca

I don’t really count it the “end of summer” until it’s cold enough to wear sweaters and listen to Death Cab For Cutie, but we’ve reached the final stretch. Obviously, there will be a few more weeks of warmish weather, so you might as well take advantage of it with the best female pop songs of 2017.  


Disclaimer: while writing this, there is currently NO Taylor Swift single released. That could change any minute, honestly. Just know that I would PROBABLY put that song on it, if I could.

"Take Me"- Aly & AJ : The iconic pop duo Aly & AJ also known as 78violet, now known again as Aly & AJ are back to save pop music. This single dropped in June by accident, then was quickly pulled from streaming services, and just recently returned in August. Honestly, it goes off. Who would have thought that in the year 2017 we would get a single from Aly & AJ about wanting your crush to ask you out?! Are we all reliving our middle school dreams? Yes. I’m here for it.

"Cut To The Feeling"- Carly Rae Jepsen : The actual queen CRJ released this song earlier this summer to go along with her new animated movie “Leap!” which looks cute, but this song is a certified banger. It was supposedly cut from her 2015 MASTERPIECE Emotion but arrived just in time to save summer 2017.

"Supercut" -Lorde : I mean, do I need to explain this one? Lorde released a truly perfect album this summer, and Supercut is one of my favorites. Though, it’s hard to pick a favorite since they are all amazing. But this is a song about reflection, which is perfect for those post-summer blues.

"Hymn"- Kesha : Kesha released her newest album this month, which has a theme of “healing” and “f you.” If you’ve ever been wronged, I’m sure you can relate to that mixture of emotions. If you’ve ever felt like you don’t quite belong, Kesha can relate. And this is her song about it.

"Want You Back" - HAIM : HAIM quietly released their album earlier this summer, but the lead single is a pretty good pop song. It definitely has some ‘80s vibes, but the music video makes me want to dance more than anything!

"World Made"- Land Of Talk : LOT’s album Life After Youth dropped at the beginning of the summer and explored all of the classic “what am I doing with my life” themes that we’ve been seeing in music. World Made is definitely my favorite track of the album

"Hard Feelings/Loveless"- Lorde : I felt a little bad about putting two Lorde songs on here but honestly I would make the entire playlist Lorde songs if I didn’t have any self control. Hard Feelings/Loveless is a true piece of art that will stab you in the heart if you’ve ever experienced a “let’s be friends!” breakup.  And seriously? The sounds in this song are iconic.

"Rose-Colored Boy" - Paramore : This is the ultimate “let me be SAD” anthem that came off Paramore’s AMAZING album After Laughter. Life is pretty weird right now, and it’s okay to be upset about it. It doesn’t make you weak or ignorant. TBH, things suck. Hayley gets it.

"Down"- Fifth Harmony : The girls are ~back~ sans Camila, and this song is super catchy. It’s very reminiscent of their classic song “Work From Home” but a lot more blunt with their sexual innuendos. They are killing it, honestly.

"Bad Liar" - Selena Gomez : Okay, I love Selena. I didn’t love this song at first, but it grew on me. I also have high hopes for her new album, since her last album Revival was one of the best albums of 2015 and it never got any love. I’m trying I’m trying I’m trying I’m trying not to sing along to this song. But I can’t.

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