Guest Mix: Gender is Over (If You Want It)

Today we're proud to present a mix from a very special and important organization - Gender Is Over (If You Want It). You can stream the mix and read more about it and the organization below.

About the Mix:

This mix is comprised of an eclectic variety of transgender, non-binary, gender nonconforming, and cisgender musicians with whom the message Gender is Over! If You Want It resonates. It's our little way of offering back the visible support they've given us, plus, I mean, these songs are all awesome.

Some of the songs we chose offer a glimpse into the complexities around gender and how it affects us all, both as individuals and as part of a larger and very coercive system. Other songs are simply a showing of the beautiful work that such a diverse community is capable of creating. 

We wanted to end by paying homage to Bowie and Prince, two undeniably influential (though, of course, imperfect) individuals who paved the way for so much of the art and music we love.

Rest in Power. Rest in Purple. Rest in Personality.


  • Androgynous - Miley Cyrus, Joan Jett, Laura Jane Grace
  • They / Them / Theirs - Worriers
  • True Trans Soul Rebel - Against Me!
  • Driveway Birthday - Milk Teeth
  • Ugly Cherries - PWR BTTM
  • Shine Theory - Speedy Ortiz
  • Power - Eskimeaux 
  • White Light Doorway - Florist
  • The Movement - Fusilier
  • Squawk - Michete
  • Nightwatch - GRRL PRTY
  • Call It Off - Shamir
  • When Doves Cry - Prince
  • Changes - David Bowie

About the project:

Inspired by Yoko & John’s “War Is Over! (If You Want It)” campaign, this project comes from a lifelong frustration with normative binary gender roles, coercive gendering, and a belief in self-determination.

We think that society’s emphasis on assigned binary gender roles is harmful, damaging, and often violent, and this is a statement against that. However, by “gender” we don’t mean “gender identities” — we believe that people’s chosen gender identities & expressions are valid and should be respected! We also don’t intend for this to imply that we currently live in a post-gender world: gendered violence & gender inequality are very real and pressing issues that require lots and lots of work to dismantle. 

Self-expression and solidarity along with critical thinking and a desire to start conversations guide the project. The message is open to interpretation and people's perspectives are far and wide.

Proceeds from sales go to organizations that work in support of transgender & gender nonconforming people with special consideration for: youth empowerment, homelessness, mental health, incarceration, and structural racism.

Find out more about the project: | @genderisover

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