Guest Mix: Girls Against

Who hasn’t gone to a gig before and felt a twinge of anxiety at the thought of being surrounded by the unfamiliar? You can’t always control the actions of others, and more than once stories of sexual harassment and inappropriate actions from others have been shared.

One group - Girls Against is working to change that, with an organization aimed to raise awareness of ultimately end sexual harassment at musical experiences. 

Today we’re proud to welcome the group to The Grey Estates with a Guest Mix of tunes they curated from their own playlists and supporters of the cause. All songs are from non-binary or female artists. Give a listen or 50 above, and check out more about the organization here. This is a really important cause to get behind.

premiere EP: Better - The Daddyo's

Photos: Tacocat with Sallie Ford at The Echo, Los Angeles, California (12/6/2015)