Soundtracks: GLOW


Soundtracks are mixes inspired by our favorite television & movies.

words & mix: Jason Baxter

I only recently learned about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, via the 2012 documentary (that ought to still be up on Netflix). I've never even been much of a wrestling person, though I know a lot of great people who are, and I can appreciate it for what it is. I love that the original television show seems to have been almost more of a variety program at times. The characters, the costumes, the personalities--I was fascinated immediately. When I heard Jenji Kohan was bringing a fictionalized adaptation to Netflix, I knew I had to watch as soon as it was streaming, and that's literally what I did--watched all ten episodes in a single sitting late on a Saturday night. Totally worth it! GLOW was a compelling hoot from start to finish, and I thought did a pretty good job of addressing the original's...less progressive tendencies. This collection of songs are my attempt at capturing the legwarmer-ed and leotard-ed glory of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

mp3: "Jaded" - Winter

Rewind: EP - Older Brother - Older Brother