guest mix: Jimmy Mayo

guest mix: Jimmy Mayo

mix + words: Alex Martin of Jimmy Mayo

Below, check out a mix curated by Alex Martin of Jimmy Mayo + Short Fictions. Catch Jimmy Mayo on August 30 in Pittsburgh at the Mr. Roboto Project with Prince Daddy & the Hyena, Kississippi, and Retirement Party.

Short Fictions- “ Places Like These”: My "other band". This single was rerecorded and will be slapped on the new full length we have coming out this winter.

Origami Angel- “Ruby”: This band is going to be the next Modern Baseball in my opinion. Every song hits hard and Ryland is right up there with the best songwriters in emo music right now. This song is a good introduction to the band if you’re just getting your feet wet!

Retirement Party- “Grand Am”: I love everything about this band, from the people to the formulaic songwriting! This song is everything I love about music right now. Im SO ready for the next Retirement Party record, whenever it comes out.

Taking Meds- “Big Fish”: Taking Meds should be a household name, if they aren’t already. They dropped their sophomore LP earlier this month via Near Mint Records! Heres my favorite song from that record, riff lovers beware!!!!

Perspective, A Lovely Hand to Hold- “The Gang Goes on Tour”: This song exemplifies the life of any DIY touring musician (if you're doing it right). After a seemingly pretty long absence from releasing new music, I’m very excited for the new upcoming PALHTH record.

Prince Daddy & The Hyena- “Lauren" This track is the track on the new Prince Daddy record that spoke to me the most! Very excited to play with these folks at the end of the summer!

Stars Hollow- “Tadpole”: Love the new direction Tyler has been taking this band, and they work very very hard. A new record is in the works and if its anything like this song, it should be your AOTY.

Insignificant Other- “I’m so glad i feel this way about you”: How is this band not touring the world yet?! They are one of Counter Intuitive's newest signees that you need to keep your eye out for!

Commander Salamander- “Scooter”: This is the single most euphoric and nostalgic songs ive ever heard, and Claudio let me do guest vocals in the bridge throughout our whole tour with them!

Donovan Wolfington- “Die Alone”: Favorite song on my favorite record, enough said. Long live D-Wolf.

song: "Ghost Poke” - Fritz

song: "Ghost Poke” - Fritz

video: "Carnage Bargain" - The Paranoyds

video: "Carnage Bargain" - The Paranoyds