Guest Mix: Like A Pile Of Rocks

Before I let Nowah take over I wanted to preface this Guest Mix with a batch of nice words. I've essentially spent my whole life living in a place and around people that I never felt got me. In high school I discovered the Internet and Tumblr, and nearly ten years later I can admit that like 95% of the people I've come to love and hold dear I found through one form of the Internet or another. Nowah is one of those people - and he's also the only Mountain Goats fan I trust. Anyways, Nowah is the best, and here's his Guest Mix along with a little on each of the selections.

1. Sean Nelson - The World Owes Me A Living (And I Intend To Collect)

[Sean Nelson is the onetime frontman of 90s cheek-tongued alt radio darlings Harvey Danger. His first and only solo album of original tunes, Make Good Choices, closed out 2013 as the most underrated record of all time.]

2. Esmé Patterson - Feel Right

[Esmé Patterson is a founding member of the Denver, Colorado baroque pop collective Paper Bird. Her second solo album, Woman To Woman, has Grey Estates written all over it. “Feel Right” is the lead single from her forthcoming third full-length, We Were Wild.]

3. The Unlovables - Doot Da Doot

[The Unlovables are a New York City band who recently got back together to make pop punk relevant again with a split with Dirt Bike Annie entitled Reunion Show.]

4. Scharpling & Wurster - Mike Healy, Part One

[Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster are a comedy duo that all your favorite comedians owe as an inspiration. Wurster also drums for the Mountain Goats, Superchunk, and Bob Mould. You can catch their hyper-specific brand of comedy every Tuesday night from 9pm-midnight at]

5. Julien Baker - Everybody Does

[Julien Baker was living in a closet when she wrote her debut solo record, Sprained Ankle. She’s the most lo-fi of the recent Nashville singer-songstress boom also boasting Torres and Bully.]

6. Crazy & The Brains - Saturday Night Live

[Crazy & The Brains are a New Jersey party punk collective whose 2013 appearance on The Chris Gethard Show remains the stuff of legend.]

7. Bleached - Sour Candy

[Bleached’s second studio record, Welcome The Worms, comes to us from Dead Oceans Records. Every review you will ever read about them will call them “the Shangri-Las on speed.”]

8. Black Square - Underground

[Black Square are the second best band to come out of my local scene (but the best on Spotify). Many of the landmarks of 808 punk are represented in this understated reggae protest song.]

9. Nevermen - Mr. Mistake

[Nevermen are an unclassifiable supergroup featuring Tunde Adebimpe of TV On the Radio, Mike Patton of Faith No More, and founding Anticon member Doseone. Their self-titled debut is straight fire.]

10. CFO$ - Sky’s The Limit

[CFO$ are not a good band by any means, but this - the theme song for bona fide superstar Sasha Banks - is legit in every way.]

11. Old 97s - Bloomington

[Old 97s come from Dallas, Texas and are considered pioneers of the alt-country movement in the vein of Drive-By Truckers and the Bottle Rockets. Frontman Rhett Miller could sing me to sleep every night.]

12. The Prettiots - Boys (That I Dated In High School)

[The Prettiots are a new and sassy indie pop duo from New York. I had a hard time picking between this song, “Move To LA,” “Suicide Hotline,” and “Stabler,” a long-overdue love song about the erstwhile Special Victims Unit star.]

13. Courtney Barnett - Three Packs a Day

[Courtney Barnett needs no introduction, but hopefully this track, a single released quietly in the aftermath of Sometimes I Sit, didn’t evade you!]

14. Maudlin - Epistle To Dippy

[Maudlin is a band I know absolutely nothing about. This track comes from a great compilation honoring Donovan, one of the Mount Rushmore of psychedelic music.]

15. Tennis - Traveling

[Tennis are a Denver husband-and-wife duo, and this album, Young & Old, was produced by Black Keys drummer Patrick James.]

16. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Walking To Do

[Ted Leo and the Pharmacists are the pride of New Jersey, and this track, “Walking To Do,” is forever linked to the recovery from Hurricane Sandy in my mind.]

17. The Duke Spirit - The Step and the Walk

[The Duke Spirit first came to me on the Courtney Barnett Pandora station, and “The Step and the Walk” encapsulates everything great about alternative rock.]

18. Chumped - Hot 97 Summer Jam

[Chumped “drink and write songs about feelings,” though now I think it’d be more accurate to say they “drank and wrote songs about feelings,” or maybe “drink and wrote songs about feelings.”]

19. Portastatic - Through With People

[Portastatic is the pseudonym of Superchunk leader/Merge Records founder Mac McCaughan, who released his first album under his own name last year. That album, Non-Believers, is more synthesized than Portastatic ever was, and “Through With People” is his opus under any moniker.]

20. Idgy Dean - The Indian Squirrel Dance

[Idgy Dean is the portrait of confidence. Her second full-length, Ominus Harminus, hit bandcamp in late-2015, but her star turn performance on the P. Diddy episode of the Gethard Show has exploded her into the stratosphere.]

21. Craig Finn - Sometimes She Doesn’t Call Back

[Craig Finn used to front Lifter Puller and still(?) fronts the Hold Steady. This track is a b-side to his Newmyer’s Roof EP, which itself is a b-side collection from his second solo album Faith In The Future.]

22. Lykke Li - Never Gonna Love Again

[Lykke Li is the stage name of Swedish indie pop star Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson. I saw someone do this track at my favorite gay bar karaoke night and it profoundly affected me. Her most recent album, which this track comes from, is called I Never Learn and it came out in 2014.]

23. Dawes - All Your Favorite Bands

[Dawes has always been a miss for me, but in many ways this is the only good song ever.]

24. Scharpling & Wurster - Mike Healy, Part Two

[“I asked a simple question about teething and you told me to just give her alcohol.”]

mp3: "Can't Be" & "Get What I Want" - Kim and the Created

photos: Chastity Belt at Non Plus Ultra, Los Angeles, California (4/17/16)