Guest Mix: Mixtape for Closed-Border Road Trip

Guest Mix: Mixtape for Closed-Border Road Trip

curated by Jon Michael Anzalone, Photographer @filmspiritual

“Don’t know how you managed the visas.” You are handed a cassette. A new TDK. Haven’t seen one in a while. “Long drive. Lots of detours and you might not find an aux-in for the stereo. Something for in between all the Depeche Mode.” 

On the highway. Vast and grassy plains. You show the cassette and push it into the tape deck. It feels good, the click and the motor and the way the plastic grips and pulls in. A familiar feeling. One you’d forgotten.

Classic rock, traditional, party, and modern music from around Anatolia, South Caucasus, Iran, and diaspora. 

Side A:

  • Koroush Yaghmaie - Shirin Joon. Iran
  • Cem Karaca - Kerkük Zindanı. Turkey
  • Erfan - Hadaf Had Nadare. Iran/USA
  • Bambir - Honky Tonk. Armenia
  • Robert Tokoushian Ensemble - Hey Valla. Armenia
  • Dashni Morad - Be Free. Iraqi Kurdistan/Netherlands
  • Morteza Pashaie - Bezar Begam. Iran
  • Moğollar - Alageyik Destanı. Turkey
  • Haig Yazdjian - Bingeol. Armenia
  • Mehran Atash - Bi Nahayat. Iran
  • Cem Karaca - Ceviz Ağacı. Turkey

Side B

  • Narek & Julia - Shape of You (Medley). Armenia/USA
  • Sogand - The Lom. Iran/Germany
  • Erfan - Mosafer. Iran/USA
  • Googoosh - Makhloogh. Iran
  • Erkin Koray - Deli Kadın. Turkey
  • Cem Karaca - No No No. Turkey
  • “Bambir - Saren Gukam. Armeni
  • Harout Khachoyan - Anoush Hayrenik. Armenia
  • Fared Shafinury - Dancing in the Dark. Iran/USA
  • Natig Shirinov - Gaval Dash. Azerbaijan
video premiere: "LUV" - Neaux

video premiere: "LUV" - Neaux

mp3: "I Was A Fool" - Sunflower Bean

mp3: "I Was A Fool" - Sunflower Bean