Guest Mix: Olympic Dreams Records

It’s no secret that we’re big, big, big fans of Olympic Dreams Records, and today we’re completely honored and excited to bring you a Guest Mix from them! Every jam on this mix is totally wonderful and you can listen again and again right here! Before you head over read up on what founder Daniel has to say about the selected tunes:

Sometimes you listen to music and as you listen you get hit with a song, one that makes you think, “This is it. This is what I like.” Whether it’s the vocals, the hook, or the beat, this one song reeled you in and made you pay attention, to the noise and details that crafted the piece. This mix consist of songs that reeled me in, songs that made me pay attention, songs that got me excited, and inspired me to be my best. All while making me come back to hit the repeat button again, again, and again. I hope they inspire you too. -Daniel M.

Photos: L.A. Witch at El Rey, Los Angeles, California (8/28/15)

mp3: "Just Woke Up" - Coastal Car