guest mix: One Chord To Another
Photo by  Dakota Roos  on  Unsplash

Photo by Dakota Roos on Unsplash

I was honored to be asked to make a guest mix for the magnificent purple music blog The Grey Estates. The initial idea came after a brief Twitter discussion of current favorite labels and artists. Therefore I used that as a starting point and selected 30 songs from artists and labels that are dear to me. The only thing that was clear from the start was that it had to start with a song from the self-titled The Weather Station album, because it’s my favorite album of the last few years.

This mix contains several songs that might not be a perfect fit for The Grey Estates, but maybe that’s the whole idea of a guest mix. Introduce something slightly different, but equally good music. Actually one of the many things I love about TGE is that it expands my own listening
habits and introduces me to wonderful music that I might not otherwise hear. If TGE didn’t continuously drag me away from my rootsy bubble, I would have never found the greatness of Gladie or Posse for example and that would have been a big loss. Hopefully this mix can have a similar kind of effect to the listener.