Guest Mix: Pale Lips




Pale Lips curated a very wonderful Guest Mix that you can find here. Their selections and commentary is below!

Lynn Kicks’ Picks (drums)

“Gut Feeling” - Devo: Epic song, always fun to listen to anytime/anywhere puts me in such a good mood. Starts off slow with such a high end energy that just easily fills the room. Sounds so outer space. Great album that is often on repeat mode.

“Get You” - Bad Sports: I’m in love with the drummer “Greg”. It’s very inspiring to watch him play so damn well. The song is never left bored. It’s a powerful song that has a lot of attitude/character. All fits and well balanced.

“Three Steps Back” - New Town Animals : Old school punk rock from Vancouver, that sounds like it came out from U.K. And because the bassist Stevie Kicks is also my brother.

“Mild Survival” - Teenager :My latest find and I’m in love with the album. The female bassist/singer sounds amazing it all balances with her voice. Beat of drum is fun brings me to daze off and bring me somewhere warm. The album was for me a great investment.

“Star Strudder” - Tweens : Such an energetic song, great voice with high pitchs and back to girly fun. The song goes wild then mellows out and goes back heavy. The whole album is great, it’s hard to even know which song is the greatest

Jamie’s Picks (bass)

“Lady” - King Tuff : This song is the greatest. I could listen to it all day, every day, on repeat.

“Popsicle” - Average Times : Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop!

“Lipstick” - Buzzcocks :  I love me a good B-Side.

“What’s His Face?” - Shamebirds : We had the pleasure to have played with these cats a few months ago. This song has been in my head ever since.

“Brand New Cadillac” - The Clash : If I could put the little emoticon that is wearing sunglasses here, I would. Because that’s how I feel about this song.

Jackie’s Picks (singer)

“Girls Like Me” - Nikki and the Corvettes: My favourite badass rock and roll girl anthem. This entire album is pretty much perfect.

“Today your love, Tomorrow the World”  The Ramones : My all-time favourite song. The title may or may not be tattooed on my forearm.

“Hard Lovin” - Sheer Mag :I love this 7 inch so much, I had to include it with my other classic faves.

“Rock and Roll Girl” - The Beat : Paul Collins knows how to write a super catchy stuck-in-my-head-forever kinda song.

“Picture My Face” - Teenage Head : A little bit of classic Can-Con to round it all out. S/T albums forever.

Ilona’s Picks (guitar)

“Til I Kissed You” - The Everly Brothers : This tune exhibits the raw talent of the Everly Brothers. These two make it look easy!

“Sweet Hitchiker” - Creedence Clearwater Revival : This song paints a very vivid picture of the excitement of life on the road.

“Maybellene” - Chuck Berry : This is a classic dance number by the real king of rock n roll!

“Hot Burrito #1” - The Flying Burrito Brothers : The emotional way Gram sings this one makes my knees weak

“What’s Inside A Girl” - The Cramps: This sexy and endearing song lauding the sassy mystery of femininity is quite obviously inspired by the offbeat, lurid allure of Lux’s true love, his wife and guitar player, Poison Ivy.

Pop Quiz: Julian Porte of Levitation Room

Artist: Pale Lips