guest mix: Parsnip

guest mix: Parsnip

We’ll have to wait until August 30th before we can join Parsnip on a trip to some far-off destination via their album Rip It Off, but in the meantime, the band is taking us to the cosmos with a guest mix inspired by the stars. Check out the whole thing below + peep the newest video from the group!

photo: Charlotte Tobin

photo: Charlotte Tobin

Starting out we had no particular concept in mind for our playlist but soon found ourselves entering a strange territory of moons and magic and stars and saucers and suns and couldn’t find a way out of the way out! So, here is a cosmic realm that fits in nicely with old mate Mercury in retrograde right now. We’re all going mad – and if you are too, you’re not alone. Let's just enjoy the ride!

Tour Dates

Monday, 9/16 — Chicago: The Empty Bottle

Tuesday, 9/17 — Detroit: UFO Factory

Wednesday, 9/18 — Cleveland: Bister Migstuff’s

9/19 and 9/20 — NYC -TBA

Saturday, 9/21 — Philadelphia: Khyber Pass

Sunday, 9/22 — Baltimore: Joe Squared

Monday, 9/23 -- Richmond: The Fuzzy Cactus

Tuesday, 9/24 -- Chapel Hill: The Nightlight

Wednesday, 9/25 -- Asheville: Static Age Records

Thursday, 9/26 -- Nashville: TBA

9/27 and 9/28 -- Memphis: Gonerfest

Sunday, 9/29 -- St. Louis: The Nest

Monday, 9/30 -- St. Louis: Pizza Head

Tuesday, 10/1 -- Kansas City: TBA, with Warm Bodies

Wednesday, 10/2 -- Omaha: TBA, with Warm Bodies

Thursday, 10/3 -- Minneapolis: TBA, with Warm Bodies

Friday, 10/4 -- Milwaukee: Ground Zero, with Warm Bodies

Saturday, 10/5 -- Chicago: Bric-a-Brac

interview: String Machine

interview: String Machine

song: "Ghosts" - Harmony Woods

song: "Ghosts" - Harmony Woods