Guest Mix: Photographer Alexis Carek

Today we're stoked to welcome photographer Alexis Carek to The Grey Estates with an incredible Guest Mix. You can stream below and read up on each of the tracks, too.

"Green" by Dilly Dally

Dilly Dally is hands down probably my favorite band out there right now. Katie was really cool when they came through Cleveland last spring, and Liz is an insane guitarist. I'd probably die if I could bring them through Mahall's. Every track on Sore hits you like a ton of bricks.

"Malibu" by Hole

I don't think Hole gets enough credit because most people don't like Courtney Love as a person, but I personally think Celebrity Skin might be their best record. Plus I think the video really incapsulates that late 90s/early 00s rock vibe.

"Vow" by Garbage

When I was 13, I got into an argument with an older cousin's boyfriend over whether or not Garbage was a good band. He was in a shitty, local operatic metal band. Fast forward to now, Garbage is still making records and that loser now thinks he's a Cleveland Browns talking head.

"Tunic (Song for Karen)" by Sonic Youth

I've never thought that punk and pop chart hits had to be mutually exclusive, so finding out that Sonic Youth was also a fan of the Carpenters was a huge turning point for me. I just... I love this song.

"Me and Mia" by Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

This is a solid, catchy pop song but one that is so deeply personal to me. I listened to it on repeat in high school, and when I moved out of state briefly after college, I was able to bond with a coworker over a mutual love of Ted Leo.

"Prom Night" by Anamanaguchi

One of the first dates I went on with my current s/o was to an Anamanaguchi concert. I wasn't sure what to expect from an 8-bit band but it ended up being so cool and so much fun! I feel like this song really embodies what it feels like to be in a new relationship and it's a really nice memory for me.

"Flesh Without Blood" by Grimes

Claire Boucher said in an interview that this song is about a former best friend and "being really disappointed in someone who you once truly admired." I was ghosted by a good friend a few years ago and was feeling it especially hard when this came out so it really resonated with me.

"Army of Me" by Bjork

If you're ever driving late at night on the highway with no other cars on the road, turn this up really loud and pick up some speed. That's what I imagine it feels like to be Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

"Edge of Seventeen" by Stevie Nicks

I can't here this song and not think of Joan Cusack in School of Rock. Plus it's a great for dive bar karaoke. Old drunks love Stevie Nicks.

"Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" by Paula Cole

I bought This Fire for a dollar this summer on a whim. How did I forget this song is so good? This is another one for the dive bar karaoke list, especially if you're feeling heartbroken or neglected. Put a few back and let a single tear roll down your cheek with the mic in hand.

"Wuthering Heights" by Kate Bush

I love Joanna Newsom, but Kate Bush is the OG fairytale songstress. Plus if you try to tell me you don't get to urge to dance like Jimmy Jr. as soon as the chorus hits, you're lying. No question.

"Control Me" by Tancred

Honestly is there anything to not love about Tancred? I might have been bewitched by Jess Abbott after seeing them live, but I'm pretty sure the answer is "no."

"Bad Way" by White Lung

Sorry is such a solid punk record it was hard to choose just one song. White Lung is still probably one of my favorite bands even though their sound has come a long way from the grittiness on this record.

"That's What You Get" by Paramore

This song cuts deep for me and still gives me nostalgic feelings for an unhealthy on/off "relationship" that lasted for years... probably because it's pretty much about that exact scenario.

"Time to Go" by Stef Chura

The first day I heard Messes, I listened to it like 6 times in a row. I think I'm a Stef Chura super fan right now. It's probably the first record in 2017 to do that to me.

"Shithole" by Weaves

I happened to catch Weaves opening for Mitski in Detroit, and OH MY GOD. They honestly might be one of the best bands I've ever seen live. More people need to see/hear this band. They're probably #2 on my wishlist of bands I want to bring through Mahall's.

"Lovefool (Radio Edit)" by the Cardigans

I LOVE pop music, and I feel like I was born to love this song— it's SO good and catchy! Plus it's in Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet (which definitely holds up).

"Same Ol Mistakes" by Rihanna

A while a go I got stoned, set this as my alarm, and completely forgot that I did so. Fast forward to two days later, after a particularly heavy night of drinking and debauchery with new friends, I wake up to this blasting in my face. Needless to say, it felt really appropriate.

"Mister Difficult" by Speedy Ortiz

This is probably my favorite song on Foil Deer— it's so moody, I love it. I don't know why, but the first time I heard this song I imagined this blue-green-grey, Kubrick-esque music video of this song being about secret female queer love in a bootcamp, under the watchful, oppressive eye of a patriarchal figure. Now it's all I can think about when I hear it.

"Thursday Girl" by Mitski

I've always been prone to depression, but it's been particularly bad in the last six months or so. I was trying to express what being extremely depressed but still functional feels like to a friend, and I probably should've just made her listen to this song.

video: "Bubblegum" - Bueller

mp3: "Teen Challenge" - Great Grandpa