Guest Mix: Seaweed Salad




Last week we shared a single from Seaweed Salad and today we’re stoked to welcome the band back to the site for a Guest Mix of their creation

There’s some information about the band below and you can check out the mix (here!)

Thanks for letting me share some songs with you.  I guess i’ll tell you a little bit about the mix, but first a little about myself.  When the idea for Seaweed Salad came up it was somewhat of a joke.   We were thinking about band names at a dinner table at LA Vegan eating fake orange chicken with Anna, Domenico, and Cristina - KXLU DJs.  I’m always trying to think of band names for the various styles of music that i write, so I must have been influenced by the menu and the company…

After thinking of a fun name like Seaweed Salad I knew i had to write more fun songs that would fit the feel of the name.  Mostly I wanted to write a song for DJ Cristina who is obsessed by soda.  We had bonded over songs from the soundtracks to Tony Hawk Pro Skater and that song by the Faction “Let’s go get cokes” is a favorite of ours to sing at each other.  Her theme song to her show is “Tina” by Heavy Cream, so my idea was to write a song that also sang “Tina” many times - that’s sorta how I wrote All to You, just trying to take that idea and make it my own.  

The rest of this mix are songs/bands that I really loved this last year - Jib Kidder, Frankie Cosmos, Alex G, Yumi Zouma.  There are some semi obscure pop songs that I always try to share with people - Masters of the Hemisphere, Brian Eno, Part Time, Arthur Russell.  And towards the end of the mix I put in some really great electronic artists from England/Europe that I feel like people in the states don’t get exposed to unless they follow Bleep closely - Maria Minerva, Wax Stag, Bibio. Lone.  

Thanks a lot and I hope you enjoy!

aka Tomemtisu
aka Seaweed Salad

mp3: "Watermelon Summer" - Annabelle Chairlegs

mp3: “Watercolors” - Alright