Guest Mix: Telepathic


As you may recall, Telepathic is a Philly duo behind a wonderful recently released EP. Today, we’re excited to welcome them back to explore the influence of Guided By Voices on their music. As Rob Garcia explains:

One of the biggest sources of inspiration for us recently has been Guided by Voices. We had always liked the band, but for some reason this past winter it really hit us hard that their approach to making and playing music, especially in the early years, was exactly how we felt. There’s no need for studios and producers when you are primarily making music for your own enjoyment. When you strip away the high gloss production that recording studios add, you end up with a real and honest representation of your music. 

Stream the mix (here!)


  • “Little Jimmy the Giant”
  • “Land of Danger”
  • “Big School”
  • Indian Was An Angel 
  • “I’m Cold”
  • “Underwater Explosions”
  • “Dorothy’s A Planet”
  • “Unshaven Bird”
  • “Crocker’s Favorite Song” 
  • “Are Your Faster?” 

mp3: “Up or Down” - Pinact

mp3: “Itching Around” - Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles