Guest Mix: What Tyrants




We’re still jamming the debut tune from What Tyrants, which in case you haven’t heard is perfect, and today we’re super thrilled the trio has returned to the site curating our latest Guest Mix. 

You can vibe to the mix here, and read up on their selections below the jump!


“What Goes On” - The Velvet Underground: I still remember when my friend told me about The Velvet Underground. They’re like a treasure you discover. I just love how many elements are in this song, but how simple it feels. Perfect.

“Monk Chant” - The Monks : These dudes are just visceral… and so weird. That bass tone? Mean as hell. This live video is complete with a little guitar freak-out, awkward German audience, and giant tambourines.

“Crosseyed and Painless” - Talking Heads : I hate picking favorites, but if I was on an deserted island and only had one record to listen to, I would probably choose Remain in Light. Brian Eno is the man. I would also seriously kill someone to see a Talking Heads concert….

“The Dream” - Thee Oh Sees : For maybe two years at the end of high school I didn’t listen to any new music… Nothing post-1993. Thee Oh Sees brought me back with the way the effortlessly blend influences, not dating themselves in any way. The impulsive energy really gets me.

“Thrifty Vultures” - Crimes : Shameless local plug: Crimes were a Minneapolis band. The first time I heard Crimes on the local college radio, they instantly became my new favorite band. Crimes broke up and broke my heart.


“Electioneering” - Radiohead: Probably the heaviest Radiohead song ever, and heavy Radiohead doesn’t get nearly enough love.

“The Beat Goes On” - Buddy Rich : Buddy Rich goes hard in the paint, and this Sonny and Cher cover is no exception. Also that’s Buddy’s 12 year old daughter singing.

“Jeepster” - T. Rex: Gets riiiight under the skin from the first moments. I had to narrow this down from basically everything on Electric Warrior.

“Back to the Future (Part I) - D'Angelo : “Black Messiah” was one my favorite albums of the year.  Such a sexy track, moved along by that silky trademark rhythm section.

"You’re a Prisoner” - Death : This song fucking rules. Death fucking rules. Bobby Hackney delivers the fuck out of those lyrics. Death 4 life.


“Carbonated” - Mount Kimbie : A perfect example of minimalism and texture making a memorable easy to dance to track.

“With You” - Tennyson: The perfect fusion between s Herbie Hancock, Flying Lotus, Boards of Canada and J Dilla which happen to be some of my favorite musicians/producers.

“On and On” - Snakehips : The groove and next level sound design on the track makes it one of my favorite to dj and dance too.

“Cyrprus” - SKVTR: Complex humanized drum machine patterns and advanced sound design meets spanish acoustic guitar riffs makes this track quite memorable to me.  

“Paper” - Sam Gellaitry : This guy knows how to manipulate vocals in a way i’ve never heard before. Tasteful R&B piano and huge drum sounds make this tune another favorite to dj.

Photos: The Growlers 2.14.15 at The Palladium, Hollywood, California

Photos: Cherry Glazerr & L.A. Witch at The Echo, Los Angeles, CA (2.13.15)