interview: Band Practice (Jeanette Wall) & Catherine Cohen : Friends Live Vol. 1

IRL best pals Catherine Cohen and Jeanette Wall are the first to participate in Friends Live - a collaborative series from JMC Aggregate featuring musicians, artists and poets. Today we're sharing two songs from their set recorded in early 2016 at the Silent Barn and interview about being best friends, their official best friend snack and more.

The Grey Estates: How did the two of you meet and become friends? What's the key to being best friends?

Jeanette: tell the story.

Catherine: I met Jeanette at one of my comedy shows, she invited me to a show she was producing, and it was so fun and cool that I was very intimidated by her but we MADE IT WORK. 

Jeanette: The key is to constantly entertain one another in between meals. 

Have you previously performed together like this? And how did it feeling teaming up and having this recording?

Jeanette: I feel like we always ran in similar circles and were on a couple shows together here and there, but it's an honor to collaborate just the two of us like this! It's really special. 

Catherine: yes!! I feel like our work has so many similar themes. it is a natural collab!

In an age where so much of our communication is done behind screens or trying to fit things in with busy lifestyles, how do you make time for your best friend and what do you like to do together?

Jeanette: I will always have time to sit with Catherine, eat french fries and talk about people we're attracted to. Also going to start making her go to burlesque shows with me.  

Catherine: SAME. you have to block out time for a brunch & complain sesh every week or so.

Is it ever nerve-wracking to perform in front of friends, as opposed to an audience you don't know?

Catherine: Wow yes. It is way more nerve-wracking to perform new stuff in front of friends because I write a ton of personal stuff about friends/lovers in my material. So I have to get up there and hope no one gets offended.

What's one of your favorite pieces of material that the other performs?

Jeanette: Catherine's poetry is phenomenal, in particular when she talks about shitting in a coffee shop. She is a genius. Also when she and Peter Smith covered "Every Day A Little Death," I literally died. 

Catherine: All of Jeanette’s songs are perfect because they always hit too close to home— I think “Bartending at Silent Barn” is one of my faves. It’s an ode to feeling out of place in the places where you should feel at home. DAMN

If there was a Netflix series made about your friendship what would it be called and would it be a comedy or drama?

Jeanette: It would be called A Series of Unfortunate Events

Catherine: hahahaha

What's the official best friend snack?

Jeanette: ....fries?

Catherine: fries and margs bitch !!!

How are you going to celebrate the release of this and will you celebrate together?

Jeanette: We're going to have a big party to celebrate ourselves! It's at Shea. Come!

Catherine: Oh you MUST be at Shea on March 3rd. 

Do you have a favorite piece on the album that you would encourage people to definitely listen to? 

Jeanette: Listen to the whole thing and you can hear each of our laughs on the other person's side of the tape. It's phenomenal.

Catherine: Seconded. 

mp3: "In Your Head" - Daddy Issues

mp3 premiere: "Hold Up the Mirror" - Midnight Reruns