Don't Wait for Permission: An Interview with Augusta Koch of Cayetana

words: Lauren Rearick

Cayetana went around the world in 2016. The band toured endlessly, including stops in Australia and stateside. For a band that's always on the road, the next part of Cayetana's journey will take them somewhere they have never gone. 

In 2014, the Philadelphia trio released Nervous Like Me - an album that hits you immediately with raw, unwavering emotions. It's deeply personal and moving, exploring the anguish of anxiety and entering into a relationship while combatting with depression. It was a fleeting glimpse into the heart of a band's beautiful beginning. 

This Spring the story continues, as the band prepares to release their second full length album. Together, they're stepping into "scary, uncharted territory," vocalist and guitarist Augusta Koch said, as this album will be self-released. 

Koch’s dreams to be in a band came true in the form of Allegra Anka and Kelly Olsen when the trio met through the Philly music scene.  Now, they have become like family and have toured with RX Bandits, released a single with Asian Man Records, performed at multiple festivals and have gained a steady following of fans. 

"Our whole journey has been without expectations," Koch told The Grey Estates. "We booked shows and toured, and it's all been a good surprise. It's super humbling and nice to have people like the music and it's nice to always be excited together as a band."

Nervous Like Me was a collection of some of the first songs the band ever wrote and it was a time for the band to learn how to record and tour together, Koch explained. Even as they look to the new record, Cayetana still connects with the old material. It can be a daunting task to open up to fans every night, but the "sincere and vulnerable" experience of performing live is very empowering for Koch.

The sincerity that the band is grounded in continues on the recently announced split with Camp Cope. Cayetana's contribution was one of the most nerve-wracking things for Koch to share, as the songs deals with the passing of her father. 

Turning to fellow Philly-based musicians for advice and guidance, the band is excited for the new record to be out and for people to hear it. Even after nearly five years of being together, Koch says it still blows her mind to hear the way their music has affected fans. She hopes the album, and even the courageous move to release it without having the backing of a label, might inspire others. 

"I hope this album empowers people to play music," she said. "Don't sit around waiting for permission. Meet some other people, start a band. Know you can do things on your own."

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