interview: Cende

Last month, Cende released the incredible #1 Hit Single LP through Double Double Whammy and we haven't stopped listening since. It's one of the best things to hit our ears this year and the band was kind enough to answer a few of our questions.

photo: David Medina

photo: David Medina

The Grey Estates: How does it feel to finally have your album out in the world and did you do anything to celebrate or commemorate the occasion?

Cameron- It feels great! Super happy to have these songs out in the world and see people's response to them. We didn't do anything particular to celebrate besides our release show, but thar felt like the the best way we could have celebrated. That night felt very special for us.

You released the first EP in 2015. Were you writing any material for this album at the time? How long have you been working on this debut album and what was the writing/recording process like? Were there any songs or ideas that you ended up scrapping or turned out better than you envisioned?

Greg- Cameron is always writing the next thing, so i'm sure that some of these songs had already been in the making by the time we released the ep. I think they changed a lot from when they were originally made as we all evolved and cameron started to focus more on 60's pop.

Cameron - The song While I'm Alive was added last minute and I'm super happy with how that one turned out.

You added Greta on What I Want. How did that come about and how did you decide on their vocals for the track? 

Greg- Greta is a friend of ours and used to play in Porches with Cameron. She's been a huge supporter of our band since the beginning - it was super cool that she was so down to be featured on that track.

You shared with the Fader that you were inspired by 60s music for some of the tracks. What else inspired this album? And did you draw on any personal experiences or struggles that you have encountered in life for the songs?

Cameron - When I start to write lyrics I don't usually have a specific idea in mind. Then usually whatever abstract lyrics I wrote down may remind me of an experience I've had and I'll expand in that direction.  So it's a combination of personal and impersonal.

Was it ever daunting to wear your heart on your sleeve and share these really personal feelings with others?

Cameron - Yes and no. As much as these songs are inspired by personal feelings, it also feels a bit like playing a character. And once the songs are in full form outside of me they take on a life of their own with myriad meanings.

Is there a particular track on the album that you're really fond of or you have a personal love for?

Greg - I love "Don't Want To" - I think it's the perfect little ripper pop song i've always wanted to play.

Cameron - The second verse of "What I Want" when Greta starts singing and the strings fade in is my favorite moment on the album. I'd love to experiment more with that sound world on future songs.

What's next for Cende?

We have some new material! Nothing set in stone yet!

mp3: "Future Me" - Worriers

video: "Fatal Gift" - Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton