interview: Doe

interview: Doe

Doe may have just released their newest album Grow Into It, but after repeat listens, we’re already ready for more. After taking the stage at SXSW and touring throughout the United States, we chatted with the band about tour essentials, celebrity guest stars, and music.

photo: Ansley Lee

photo: Ansley Lee

The Grey Estates: Doe just wrapped up an appearance at SXSW and you're currently on tour. What it's been like being on the road, and what are some of your highlights from your adventures?

Dean: We had lunch at Twede’s Cafe and basked in the afternoon sun at Snoqualmie Falls. I’m a legit Twin Peaks nerd so it was a spiritual experience for me aha. The falls were so powerful! We had a big hug/cute group pic at THE spot and it filled my heart.

Jake: Just being on the West Coast for the first time as a band and driving through the various mountains and forests has been pretty incredible. The US is such a beautiful country even if it is run by a Cheeto in a wig. Also we played a house show in Boulder, CO where everyone went fucking nuts and it got shut down by the cops cos we were too loud! It felt like we were in a teen movie.

Nicola: Yeah just constantly feeling like we’re in all the teen movies we grew up with is pretty cool. Oh and we did a KEXP session which is so iconic to us!

You released Grow Into It last year! Yay! What are you working on next and what can fans expect going forward? Do you think you'll be sharing any more recipes?

Jake: If you want ‘em, we got ‘em! We have a couple of festivals lined up when we’re home but other than that, no concrete plans. We all have boring adult life stuff to deal with so we’ll probably be focussing on that for a bit.

With your last album, you mentioned wanting to explore topics of growing up. What's something you've learned that you feel would be good advice to share with our readers?

Dean: Learning to communicate properly - in the context of this band and elsewhere - has been invaluable. So much stuff can be solved with a simple conversation and I think we’re pretty good at engaging with our FEELINGS now. Look after each other and the rest will follow!

Nicola: Gut instinct is a huge one for me. As a band you’re constantly told other people know what’s best for you and that’s two-fold when you’re a woman, in or out of a band. There have been so many instances where I’ve felt something I couldn’t put my finger on but because I couldn’t explain it I didn’t address it. A productive ‘no bullshit’ approach is necessary. I read a stupid thing somewhere (probably a facebook meme posted by my mum) that said ‘gut instincts are your guardian angels’. Word. 

Speaking of growing up, what did the members of Doe want to be when they grew up? And how do you feel that you've grown as a person and as a band since forming?

Jake: For the most part, playing in bands was always the thing I dreamt of doing when I grew up. However, when I was super super young, like 3 or 4 or something, I actually wanted to be a cop! What a dumbass kid.

Dean: I wanted to be a Power Ranger for a while - the Green Ranger specifically - and then an artist, until I became disillusioned with the “art world”. I quickly focused my attention on music after that, which I’d only ever dabbled in before, and here we are.

Nicola: I always wanted to study space and also used to tell everyone I was going to be a rockstar when I grew up. They’d laugh and say it was unrealistic but JOKE’S ON THEM because I never specified whether that meant a successful rockstar.

Jake: In terms of growing since the band started, I think we've grown to respect and appreciate each other’s quirks and rough edges, as well as all the good stuff, which has made us even better friends as a result.

Your music videos are often really colorful and inventive. What would be like the dream Doe music video and what celebs would you cast in the role of yourselves?

Dean: I’d like to be played by the fictitious celeb son of Mädchen Amick and Dana Ashbrook because they’re both heavenly angels and I’m a narcissist.

Nicola: A feature length horror film with loads of cool weird gore and feminist undertones - our song could stretch out in increments to punctuate key scenes and I would play myself because I’m even more of a narcissist. 


What's been one of your favorite moments or memories as a band?

Jake: The first UK tour we did just after Dean joined in 2015 with Dogs on Acid from Philly (RIP). Not only was it the first time the three of us got to bond in that environment but the Dogs guys are the best and we made some very good friends there. We’ve since toured with their current band Yankee Bluff in the US and they’re honestly some of our favourite people to tour with ever.

Dean: Yeh the Dogs/Yankee crew are some of the sweetest ppl I’ve ever met (no hyperbole intended!) They facilitated a bunch of beautiful experiences that I’ll cherish forever. My main favourite moment happens every time we play, when I look over at Nicola and/or Jake and see them smiling and I smile back. That shit is magical and pure and encapsulates how fun art can be.

Nicola: :’) this band has facilitated so many incredible experiences it's hard to filter, but we played on a moving boat in the UK once during an unseasonably warm Spring. I just remember being so overwhelmed with excitement and we played our song ‘Avalanche’ right as the boat was passing some mountains. 

You're hitting the road for tour and can only pack 4 items. What 4 items do you bring?

Nicola: Towel, extra toilet roll, bubblegum hand sanitizer and sunglasses, because I need to be clean but also look cool. 

Jake: Phone, book, toothbrush, boiler suit… cos I’d rather look like Slipknot than be naked.

Dean: Psychological stability, infinite Trek bars, Eevee pillow, lip balm. So yeh I guess I’d be nude the whole time lol.

What's been one of your favorite tracks to release or work on, and why?

Dean: I think Heated is a good one! It’s a cool melting pot of our individual styles and a strong representation of our collective self (I love the video too). I think it was one of the first songs we wrote for Grow into It, but still feels new when we play it live, which is sick!

Nicola: I also really enjoyed working on ‘But it All Looks the Same’ because we approached the song-writing with a very different mentality than usual, it was the last one we wrote for the album and it’s a very special one for me.

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