interview: Lala Lala

interview: Lala Lala

We haven't stopped listening to Lala Lala. The band's new album out The Lamb is out September 28 on Hardly Art and it's a gem. Ahead of the release, we chatted with Lillie West aka Lala Lala about making music, lambs on Google, and more. 


The Grey Estates: In your bio on Hardly Art, it notes that you started the project as a way to communicate things you could never say out loud. Is it difficult then for you to explore these feelings publicly in live performances or why does music offer you that escape?

Lala Lala: It mostly isn't difficult because a song is usually just the feeling I have in the moment of writing it, so there's definitely a disconnect in performance, especially if a song is 2 or 3 years old. It is hard for me to sing "Dove" live without choking up, but otherwise a lot of the time my own songs feel like covers of other people's. 

At what point did you decide or realize that maybe you could make music, too? In your Stereogum interview you talked about seeing so many bands live, what inspired you to chase what they were doing?

I didn't think about it - I just suddenly started doing it. I was 19 and I just wanted to be like my friend Emily (Kempf).

What inspired "I Get Cut"? Who are you joined with for that singer? And what were you exploring with that track?

"I Get Cut" is the only song on the record that I consider actually romantic - its a love song and it's about how sensitive I am. It sort of follows a storyline, and explicitly mentions when I got robbed. The other singer is Emily Kempf - she also played bass on the record and any voice that isn't mine is hers. 

I want to ask about the track "Copycat". I love the idea behind that and the fact that you’re exploring how everything on the Internet can feel the same. Have you found a way to counteract that? If so, how?

No. The internet is crazy trash. I just try to be myself in real life and not look at my phone.

What’s one of your favorite tracks on the album or what’s one that really means a lot to you? And why?

I'm not sure if I have a favorite track but there are a lot of little pieces I love and am proud of - the jangly guitar tones that sound like keys on Destroyer and Spy, a lot of the harmonies that Emily and I did, the omnichord on Dropout, some lyrics that are crazy secret puzzles. Sen (Morimoto) is one of my favorite musicians ever and he played sax on the last song which I love sm and feel so lucky for. If I had to choose one though it would probably be Water Over Sex.

Looking back, how do you see yourself as a person and an artist now as compared to when you made that first album?

When I made the first record I was an infant. Now I'm a toddler 

What’s the dream Lala Lala merch item?

Pool floaties. But I hate plastic so only in a hypothetical non-global warming world. 

Describe the new album using GIFs or pictures.

These are some pictures of lambs I found while thinking about the album art/design 

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 3.17.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 3.25.19 PM.png
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