Interview: Maryn Jones of All Dogs & Yowler

words: Lauren Rearick

At one point or another we’re all susceptible to feelings of loneliness. It’s a crushing weight that lingers, and for many it goes unnoticed, just another fleeting thought passing through our brain.

For Maryn Jones, of All Dogs and Yowler, that feeling of isolation and the grip of depression became inspiration for songwriting.

In 2015, Jones released two very different albums, but both wove powerful stories of propelling through the seemingly insurmountable. Vulnerable and intimate, the music of Jones comes direct from the buzzing of thoughts in her brain and follows a path straight into the heart of listeners.


Looking back a year after the dual releases (All Dog’s Kicking Everyday and Yowler’s 7 Towers), Jones confesses that she still relates to that material. For her, the feelings are old and perpetual, sticking with her long before recording and even now. 

“When we’re [All Dogs] performing I’m still feeling those things and I stand by it,” she said. “It’s kind of strange and vulnerable to share [the songs] with a live audience.”

Much of her material explores the innermost workings and feelings of her brain, and though she doesn't experience constant darkness and depression, it's something she contends with.

When Kicking Everyday was released, Jones recalls that some critics and reviews talked of moments on the album reflecting a breakup, a point which was not true at the time. Since then, a breakup has come to pass and when Jones sings live she thinks it a bit funny, but sad that it ended up being true. 

"By exploring those memories through songwriting I'm able to get out of my brain a little more," she said. "It's very good and therapeutic to share these thoughts and when I started I just liked putting it out there."

As a high school student, Jones would use her Myspace profile as a place to post songs. It was a very casual process and much different then how she approaches releasing now. The only similarities to that teenage Jones is the desire for her songs to be heard.

"I've gotten to a similar point now where I have this stuff in my brain and I want to release it," she said. "I've always just felt this drive to make music and get my stuff out there."

That creative drive continues, with Jones looking forward to releasing more Yowler material early next year. The frequency of All Dogs touring and one band member living in Wisconsin has prevented them from focusing much on new material, but it's hoped they'll conquer the long distance and starting working again soon. 

"I've been working on Yowler stuff for a really long time and I'm so excited for it to be out in the world," she said.

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