Interview: Twist

In the first taste of Twist’s recently released Spectral LP, the band put to song what so many contend with - the desire to follow your heart and chase after what you dream of, no matter the cost. 

The message hits especially close to home for Laura Hermiston, who conceived the Twist project with Brian Borchedt of Holy Fuck in 2013. 

Their collaboration evolved from living room recording sessions to formal studio time, with additional members aiding in live performances and recording. 

Spectral is a representation of these creative efforts, a reflection of the spectrum of experiences Hermiston found throughout recording, and what she learned about herself along the way.


Progressing from student to songwriter was an unexpected, but necessary step in Hermiston’s life. As she looked to friends and family she noticed that so many of those around her were starting fresh, choosing their own path and making the jump to something new. 

With so many of her peers struggling to get where they wanted, and focusing more on finding a career and life they enjoyed, the songwriter found inspiration for Spectral in the everyday struggle. 

“I wanted to take this alternative path, and become a singer, and it was really scary,” Hermiston said. “I was really academically focused for such a long time, but I started developing as a songwriter and the people around me were really supportive in the transition.”

Beginning with a series of singles in 2014, Twist continued to blossom, with Hermiston working alongside Borchedt to release this debut LP. 

Despite what their “basic rock band setup,” may look like on stage, the band has shown a continued willingness to experiment and incorporate the unexpected. 

“We’re very about the melodies and we really like incorporating a drum machine,” Hermiston said. “We wanted to add electronic elements and really bring in keys and synths. The music is very melody driven and we always want to be changing our sound.”

As the band prepares to hit the road for a series of dates, Hermiston is eyeing what comes next. Ideas are already forming for the next release, though they have yet to develop or be entirely focused. Much of the band's songwriting is done collaboratively with "song structures left open" for finalizing. Hitting the open road won't leave much time for writing, but Hermiston hopes to return "not burnt out" enough to resume work.

"I'm really excited to tour and I'm hoping to see so many new cities and great new places on the road," she said.

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