interview: Weakened Friends

interview: Weakened Friends

Fresh off the release of their brand new (and incredible) album Common Blah, the members of Weakened Friends joined TGE for a little e-mail chat.


The Grey Estates: How does it feel to have your debut album out in the world? How have you changed or grown as a band since forming in 2015 and then releasing this record last month?

WF: It feels amazing!!! We've been waiting so long to get this out to people. I think we've grown a ton as a band, we've been playing more than ever and really working hard and I think everything just feels more comfortable now. I can't wait to start writing and working on the next thing. 

What does the album's title Common Blah mean to you? And why did you decide to explore and put the feelings of mid 20s to song? What are some of the additional ideals and themes that you explore on the record? Is there a track that means a lot to you?

It's essentially just a pun that we thought sounded cool, but it also had some meaning that ties into what the songs are about. A lot of the songs are about really just being stuck in a bad spot in life and settling for it. I wrote these songs because it was what I was honestly going through at the time. A lot of the songs on the record tie into that theme from being in an abusive relationship to having a crappy job. 

How did the band originally come to form?

Cam and I were in another band together, and that band used to play shows with Annie's old band.

What was it like working with J? Is there any other artists or bands that you'd love to collaborate with at some point?

Easy peezy lemon squeezey! We sent him the track and he recorded a bunch of takes of guitar over it and we kinda just picked the one we liked. After opening a few reunion shows for them two years ago we toyed with the idea of working with Letters To Cleo on a song. That would be pretty wild. 

Your DG bio notes that songwriting is a physically process for you. How does that work? And what was the process for recording/writing this album?

I usually write all the songs and then we arrange them and work out the structure and everyone's parts.  I think my voice is pretty weird and awkward, some people really hate it, but for me that's my honest voice and it feels good to sing like that. So it's a physical thing. 

What would the title of the Netflix series about Weakened Friends be titled?

Mommy Carwash. 

What is the official snack of Weakened Friends?

All dressed chips. 

What's one piece of advice you would give our readers? It can be on anything!

Stretch everyday. 

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