mp3: “Love Stain" - Layer Cake


I don’t think there’s a more disappointing moment in life than when you discover a really great band only to find they’ve disbanded. Such was the case when a friend told me of Layer Cake. The Texas 4-piece had their last show/EP last year, and I’ve since had Milk Jr. on repeat. Lucky for us all, the group came together (in a way), collaborating despite their distance to release “Love Stain,” one track on a release with fellow Layer Cake-er, Jena, who is recording her own work as Sundae Crush. “Love Stain,” is the whimsical ode to the badass we all fell in love, you know the one ladies, the dude full of “bad tattoos and bad decisions.” We’ve all had a crush we couldn’t bring home to mom, and only Layer Cake can make that mistake sound so sweet.

sidenote: something tells us you’ll be hearing more from Sundae Crush soon. keep your eyes and ears peeled to tge for something coming soon.

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