Four years ago, I started a blog in my bedroom. I had this super clunky layout, the colors were pink and I sent e-mails into an abyss, hoping my favorite bands might want to be on my site. I don't know when it happened, but in the four years since TGE started everything has changed. The site is purple, Jena Pyle made me into a Sailor Scout for my logo and I talk with people I admire and adore every day. It's something I never imagined.

I've spent my whole life wanting to write. I used to write story books and I still write news articles. But now, every day I get to write about things I love and people read it, and that's the most wonderful part. I've met some of the most incredible labels and artists. I receive warm messages that make me cry, and it's all still taking place in the very same bedroom I started in. I am endlessly grateful for everyone who has ever said a kind word, contributed to the site or shared their support, even in the smallest way. You have made my dreams come true and I feel so lucky that my dream gets to be shared with people all over the world, every day. I hope that what we share brings you a smile, hope or just something new to add to your playlist. 

This mix is an ode to just some of the many people, labels and artists who have stuck beside me. From the bands that played our shows, to the ones on our compilations and tapes, to the PR who handle my requests and to the artists who send e-mails and allow me to share their stories and their music, I thank you. And a very special, huge, endless thank you to the people who have contributed to the site in the past and now AND those who support us on Patreon.

Special love and thank you to Tom at GoldFlakePaint, Leggy, Fredrick at Future Oak Record Company, Karl Kuehn, Jamie at Audio Antihero, Jared and Preetma of Vomitface, Chris at Negative Fun Records, Matt at Forged Artifacts, Zoe of Kississippi, Claire Morales & Jena Pyle, Shaky Czar Braden, Will at Tiny Engines, Jessi at Father Daughter, Jeanette Wall, Nathan Walker, the bands on Sugar Rush 1 & 2 and Noah Jacobs, my podcast co-host