mix: The Best Musical Moments in "The Office"

mix: The Best Musical Moments in "The Office"

words: Nina Braca

The Office might be known for its awkward moments filled with white noise, but when there was the occasional musical moment, it was always very intentional and purposeful.  Whether it was a karaoke moment or Michael listening to Amazon MP3 samples over and over instead of buying it, here is a playlist based on the best musical moments in The Office.

Open Your Eyes- Snow Patrol

At a time when Jim was being a major jerk, he gave the fans exactly what they wanted: a Jim/Pam compilation video that would have been popular on YouTube in 2008, set to the nostalgic opening chords of “Open Your Eyes” by Snow Patrol. I’m sort of tearing up thinking about it, despite the fact that Jim was, again, a jerk.

Closing Time- Semisonic

Remember when Pam says she’s heard this song 105 times and still doesn’t know the words? Same.

Tiny Dancer-Elton John

In the season 2 premiere, the Elton John ballad plays as Jim helps Pam into Angela’s car. Slightly off topic, but it is a little out of character for Angela to help a drunk person, especially Pam. With that aside, it’s a small moment that hits hard.

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic- Karen/ The Police

The 80s jam was featured when Karen sang on stage at Phyllis and Bob’s wedding, after Jim sees Pam leave with Roy. It’s a silly moment, but it’s also full of meaning, which is exactly how the song goes- an emotional and beautifully crafted verse, followed by a cheesy and slightly ridiculous chorus.

Crash Into Me- Dave Matthews Band

Michael listens to a clip of this “NP3” in his office- which makes sense, because while it is a beautiful song it also has seriously inappropriate lyrics, sort of like Michael Scott as a whole. But, the song made a comeback in 2017, thanks to Lady Bird, and will always be loved by dads and uncles everywhere, for some reason. Michael Scott is neither of those things, but he fits the bill.

Lazy Sunday- The Lonely Island

“They act all tough but they are rapping about cupcakes and The Chronicles Of Narnia!” - Kelly, on the pretzel line. Later used in a “Lazy Scranton” parody.

Without Or Without You- U2

In what was definitely supposed to be a cringe-worthy moment, Michael Scott presented a mini-documentary set to “Without Or Without You” to corporate.  It turned out to be a heartfelt moment taking a look at how the Scranton Branch really runs, with each character playing a special part. At least, that’s how it felt  for the viewers, not for Jan and David Wallace.

Your Body Is A Wonderland- John Mayer

Michael sang this song at karaoke at one of the many Christmas parties. The song itself isn’t particularly relevant (he sings it to a girl he met at a hibachi restaurant hours before) but John Mayer allowed them to use the song in exchange for a Dundie, which makes this a Dundie award-winning song. Use that knowledge wisely.

Just Dance- Lady Gaga

Michael Scott pulls up to the office listening to this song, saying “it’s Britney, bitch” (obviously). Lady Gaga’s tune is a perfect time capsule for 2008, which makes it a perfect representation of the show.

Season Of Love- RENT Cast

Okay, having Michael leave to a musical number was the silliest way for him to exit, which made it so perfect. The entire office rewrote the song to apply to Michael Scott, and sang it only slightly off tune, the same way you did in the shower in 2005.

Party In The USA- Miley Cyrus

When Dunder Mifflin gets bought by Sabre, Erin and Andy do a cover of this Miley Cyrus classic that, honestly, isn’t horrible. We get to hear Andy’s vocals for most of the series, but we never get to hear Erin sing again, which is a shame, since she sort of killed that vibrato.

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams- Green Day

In a weirdly touching moment, Dwight and Andy sing the Green Day song over a montage of people giving gifts and cleaning up at the season six Christmas party. At one point, Dwight says “it’s true, we all walk alone” but then Andy steps in to help. So, maybe we’re not all alone, when we have Billie Joe Armstrong to keep us company, right?

Clocks- Coldplay

In their Apple rip-off, Sabre creates a tablet type thing, and Jim reluctantly presents it with “Clocks” playing in the background. It’s basically what you would expect from any 2012 media presentation.

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