Toon Tunes: Boys, Butts & Being a Girl : A Mix Inspired By Tina Belcher

Update: You liked this feature so much that Toon Tunes will now be a recurring feature and not a month by month thing. THANKS!

This weekend when I told myself I would write those two pieces and finish my actual paying work I found myself watching Bob's Burgers instead. Back in the day, we had this feature where every month we'd curate a really cool mix, and now feels like a great time to bring that back. These songs are all inspired by the queen - Tina Belcher. From kissing to butts and even Jimmy Pesto these are the tracks you may find on her mix. Happy May, and see you back here in June. 

Through the Tin Cans: Year of the Rabbit - Eskimeaux

Album: Talking Quietly of Anything with You - Free Cake For Every Creature